Meet Aleyc

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, 

he is known to be a man with many hats.

His first passion is music and plays 6 different instruments 

He is a Princeton High School alumnus, Class of 2016. 

Shortly after graduating, he found a passion for graphics from taking Photoshop elective courses his Junior & Senior year of high school

and while serving on the media team at his home church,

Life By Design Ministries.

From 2016-2020 he has had the opportunity to create graphics (fliers, logos) & websites for many different businesses/brands from

business, entertainment, health/wellness, education and religious.

He currently is serving on the Media Team for

Rain Fire Ministries Intl. (Charlotte, NC)


In June of 2020 after quitting his job, he created The Bryant Brand.

He plans in the future to grow a small team of gifted, talented creatives who has a passion for strengthening and building brands & businesses for our clients. 

He also plans to purchase a creative studio where it will be a

"one stop shop" for ALL THINGS MARKETING.

The Journey

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